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Wayne Nucleus to Gilbarco Passport POS UPC & Pricebook Conversion

Having worked on a custom application for a petroleum c-store & back office company, we have created a Dresser Wayne Nucleus to Gilbarco Passport POS parsing system for converting the UPC’s, Departments & Pricebook, following the NAXML 3.3 POS standard structure.

We have an ultra fast parser developed to convert:
Nucleus: .DAT files (must contain UPCs) to Passport: ITT, MCT, TaxMaintenance XML files.

How the process works:
Your technician provides us with the previous nucleus .DAT file containing the UPC / PLUs and your current Passport ITT, MCT, TaxMaintenance XML files, we provide the conversion process and generate new ITT, MCT, TaxMaintenance XML files to your technician and you (in case you need them for your back office system).

Contact us for conversion pricing (less than $500 per location), one time cost covered until conversion is the way you want, free file analysis, we will beat anyone’s advertised price for price-book conversion!