Theme Park & Attraction Lighting Experts

Theme Park & Attraction Lighting

Today’s theme park industry & attraction is an experience, and takes immeasurable hours of detailed work to make a show or ride –¬†whether it be the lighting, audio, video, projections, lasers, atmospherics or even animatronics. We at Allen Productions, understand these finite details and have the know-how and years of experience to create and bring together all the elements which make up such a masterpiece from interfacing to ride controls & show controls for timing-perfect synchronization and the unification of all elements of a show or ride.

We create specialty lighting effects for rides and attractions or amazing eye-catching and inspiring decorative lighting installations & solutions for theme parks, hotels, restaurants and bars.

We understand the need for IP ratings for outdoor installations and the fact that some of these fixtures need to run for extended periods of time, on average in a theme park setting – a device will need to run 12-18 hours a day, 365 days a year, for 15 years straight without failure as a typical requirement by theme park customers. This is much different than in a touring environment since a typical tour only runs for 4-6 hours a day, for maybe 150 – 200 shows per year. The theme park environment requires a product to have a very long life cycle for both its safety, mechanical, and electronic aspect.

No matter the application, there is a solution available to help solve it. Theme parks are huge, involved locations and great lighting is a key component to making them truly immersive.

At the request of a client, we can design and build turnkey lighting fixtures and automation systems to integrate with existing show or ride control software through ArtNet, DMX, Midi, or other interfacing methods as required, or if that’s too much, we can make it all work stand-alone or a variety of both to be triggered by I/O – dry contact closures. We have a close working relation with UL and can have custom products and systems evaluated by UL for the most stringent of tests in the field or lab.