Escape Room Engineering | Are You Building an Escape Room?

Are you building an Escape Room? Looking for highly advanced controls and a truly engineered solution? Possibly incorporate water and fire features? State of the Art Lighting Effects? Make it a sophisticated one, make it an attraction, not just an ordinary escape room!

Taking the concept of the Escape Game room and taking advantage of our capabilities in product design & engineering, we were inspired by the evolution of the escape game room in the entertainment industry. We create escape game electronics and help automate props to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Allen Productions has been an expert in entertainment industry electronics for many years and we have all the resources and abilities to design and install all of our clients’ needs. From building to designing full turnkey escape game puzzles, Allen Productions has a great advantage with our expertise in electronic design capabilities.

In the past, we have had a chance to work on many projects in the entertainment industry, such as atmospheric effects, laser projection systems, fog machines, bubble machines, and special effect lighting controllers. As a result, our clients greatly appreciate our major contribution to the success of their projects.

The escape game room market has been growing faster each year and it requires more involvement of creative people and better technology. “By human nature we like puzzles, and as engineers we are taught to solve problems & puzzles around us daily, given that experience – we can really build anything we put our minds to.”

Contact us today for consultation on your next level escape room attractions and design engineering.

We can work together with your team to design, engineer, and build the technical portion of your attraction and you just worry about the aesthetics and props! We can make just about anything you wish, we turn your imagination into reality.

Here are a few concepts we can help you with but not limited to:

  • Fire Features & Related Controls (Propane / Liquid Fuel Effects – NFPA 160 / NFPA 70)
  • Large Scale Water Features (Nozzles, Pumping, Filtration, Recollection & Sanitation)
  • State of the Art LED Lighting
  • High Voltage Electrical Arc Effects
  • Strobe Effects
  • RFID
  • Lasers & Optical Sensing Elements
  • Fog, Cryogenic & Atmospheric Effects
  • Door Locking Mechanisms (like Maglock etc)
  • Custom Electro-Mechanical Systems
  • Robotics & Controls
  • Gadgets & Gizmos
  • Custom Electronics
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Custom Timed Events based on Multiple Variables
  • And More!