Lighting Products

Below you will find some general lighting products for both consumers and professionals. For additional information, please contact us.


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LED Strips By: Allen Productions have specially formulated silicon to resist UV and not yellow in extreme sunlight UV conditions. We recommend this strip for indoor, outdoor, sunlight, water-resistant / waterproof applications. Also works great for pool & spa / fountain applications too! All of our products have been made with very high quality components to meet our high standards for our production team to use in our client’s projects, and now we are making it available to you to purchase for your own projects.

All Stable Product releases have been thoroughly tested with product trials deemed by long term clients for stability & reliability, note: this excludes Beta or Newly released Products.
If you are interested in buying bulk or high volume pricing please contact us for a dealer application.

Input Voltage: 12VDC, 6.2 Amps per roll
Any Color of Choice Available: Warm White, Cool White, Cool+Warm, RGB, RGB+(Cool or Warm), UV
PCB / LED Backing Colors Available: White, Black, Gold / Yellow.
Approximate Average LED Lifetime: 50,000 hours
Custom Sizes More or Less than 5 Meters available, please contact us for more details.


RGB DMX Decoders

Control Board

Ultra High Power Output RGB, RGBW, RGBWC DMX Decoders

Made of High Quality International Rectifier TO-264 Mosfets & Atmel Microprocessor.
Input: 5-12VDC for Logic, DMX512
Output: R, G, B, W, C Channels, Each Channel at 25A Continuous!!

Available REFRESH PWM frequencies: 19.7 kHz, 9.8 kHz, 2.5 kHz, 1.2 kHz, 310 Hz, 150 Hz
Note: the FCC does not allow high frequencies to be used for long wire runs due to rf harmonics in switching, shielded cabling is required for such applications where load is far from controller. Other inductors may be required for FILTRATION purposes as well.

DANGER: Fire Hazard if Cabling & Fuses / Circuit Breakers sized incorrectly!
We highly recommend feeding LED Strands / Strips on correctly sized buses on possibly din rail mounted mini circuit breakers for safe breakout from this device.
See DMX Channels Below
DMX Channels:
RGB Model:
4 DMX Channels Total
1: Red Level 0-255
2: Green Level 0-255
3: Blue Level 0-255
4: Strobe Effects Sync / Random / Lightning / Blinder Effects

RGBW Model:
5 DMX Channels Total
1: Red Level 0-255
2: Green Level 0-255
3: Blue Level 0-255
4: White Level 0-255
5: Strobe Effects Sync / Random / Lightning / Blinder Effects

3D LED Cube

Allen Productions Inc. Currently partnered with 3D LED Cube, the first creator and distributor of 3D LED Cubes on the market! For all large 3D LED Cube products and installations, each is handled on a custom one-on-one basis because many factors arise when building large led structures for support, power considerations, pixel density and size, controls, structure fabrication and mounting types etc.

Form Liners for LED Strip Lighting


Allen Productions was one of the first in the industry to develop a custom form liner profile to accommodate Led Strip lighting for concrete in multiple applications such as Pool Copings, Stair Treads, Wall Caps, Counter Tops & More. Two types of materials are available: Flexible Polyethylene & Rigid Polystyrene. Custom Profiles can also be made to order for your own applications! Send us a CAD Drawing for a quotation.