Cellular 3G 4G 5G Remote Electrical Meter Reading, Monitoring, Data Collection & Reporting

Allen Productions has been aware of many utility companies currently trying to remotely read / monitor their customer’s electrical meters, collect virtually live “real-time” current / KWH usage information, provide usage reporting tools, monitor their own infrastructure and display end-user outage problems from electrical meters on their customer’s electrical panels while at the same time be efficiently high performance & very reliable.

Allen Productions is capable of consulting for such services / products and is also capable of providing custom near real-time products & services to meet the demands & requirements of the utilities. Our solutions for these applications can send a utility company’s customer meter data (or any other required data) over Cellular 3G 4G or 5G modems encapsulating the transmission of data with AES-1024 or higher (1024-bit encryption) [“AES has been adopted by the U.S. government and is now used worldwide. It supersedes the Data Encryption Standard (DES),[5] which was published in 1977. The algorithm described by AES is a symmetric-key algorithm, meaning a key is used for both encrypting and decrypting the data.”] a very secure method for an application as such. We can provide sophisticated mapping technologies (utilizing Google’s Map Data) to show end-user or power station outages in almost real-time. Our solutions, could also have, to the Utility’s request, very sophisticated searching technologies to pin-point a specific meter’s or a device’s information in almost real-time or data over a specified time period.

This same technology can similarly be used for infrastructure applications such as power transmission stations & substations to monitor overall localized usage or outages.

All of our proposed technologies use redundant & mirrored MySQL / NoSQL Databases, and 24/7/365 reliable Linux-based embedded systems, and at the localized hardware level utilize high quality Atmel /ARM microprocessors, with the whole package having a very easy to use interface that can be accessed locally or remotely by the Utility from virtually ANY location with a Secure Tunnel (SSL) or Intranet access, on ANY platform including Linux, Windows, Apple, Android & other Operating Systems. The technology used can utilize existing web technologies used in high traffic applications like social media platforms – including but not limited to technologies such as Mysql, NoSQL, PHP, Node.js, Websockets, jQuery etc – for near real-time information display.

Our product and services development team consists of security auditors and penetration testers who have worked on high profile projects in software & hardware, and some ex employees of NASA & JPL Laboratories.

A multi-million dollar deployment of such an infrastructure should be very well thought out for future needs, requirements, additions and trial tested before being used in industrial production. We are also capable of building small-scale testing grounds for utilities to test out our proposed solutions, then create a virtualization of thousands or millions of customers on remote monitored meters to display our proposed solution’s performance capabilities and system throughput through physical hardware simulation, before actual implementation or deployment.

Utilities and Utility Vendors can count on us to provide them with the bottom line: Secure, High Performance, & Reliable Solutions to remote monitoring applications, feel free to contact us today for consultation.