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Boeing Automated Honeycomb Repair System | Cal State Los Angeles

The requirements for an Automated Honeycomb Repair System was set forth by Boeing’s Defense, Space and Security division, where honeycomb panels are heavily used on satellite structures in space, government, and military communication applications. This was a joint senior project by students at Cal State Los Angeles and The Boeing Company. The requirements were to design an […]

ESP8266 NodeMCU – Toggle Button & Slider – Remote Node.js Server Example

After looking all over for bits and pieces of how to properly get a Remote Node.js Server to communicate with a ESP8266 or ESP32 NodeMCU, I was finally able to get everything working properly. With so many libraries of the same variant of implementing a client on a NodeMCU, it was very confusing when […]

Banquet & Hospitality Facility Lighting

How LED Lighting / Entertainment & Specialty Lighting Affects Banquet Halls? Banquet Facility & Hospitality Clients today are noticing things like lighting, its an important aspect that was previously overlooked in the banquet & hospitality industry. For example in a banquet facility, there is only so much a DJ or lighting company can do via […]

Wayne Nucleus to Gilbarco Passport POS UPC & Pricebook Conversion

Having worked on a custom application for a petroleum c-store & back office company – one of the first of its kind at the time, we have created a Dresser Wayne Nucleus to Gilbarco Passport POS parsing system for converting the UPC’s, Departments & Pricebook, and Taxation following the NAXML 3.4 POS standard. We have […]

New: Lighting Installation – Metropol Classic Banquet Hall – State of the Art Lighting System

New Lighting Installation – Featuring State of the Art LED Lighting System Location: Metropol Classic Banquet Hall – Glendale, California Installation Time Frame: 60 Days Video of Completed Install Project During a Private Event: Video During Lighting Programming of Installation: Test of Slow Movements: Preparing the Wiring of Installation & Termination:

MSD250, MSD575, MSD1200 to LED Retrofit Kits Made For Moving Head Spot Lighting Fixtures 150w to 1200w HID MSD HMI Type

Allen Productions has been working on a New LED Retrofit Kit Designed to Replace MSD / HMI Lamps in Moving Head Spot or Wash Lighting Fixtures 150-Watt to 1200-Watt. If you are a touring company, a rental house, or have a permanently installed rig of moving heads, this retrofit is for you! IT WILL VOID […]

Batman – The Dark Knight Rises – Magnus Rex – July 20 – Bomb Truck Scene Crane

Allen A. Working as Bobs Towing’s Technical Director, we got the opportunity to transport and move around a large “bomb carrying” truck for the Batman “The Dark Knight Rises”, code-name (“Magnus Rex”) Movie Set, which is set to air on July 20th in Theaters near you. Below are some images of the owner of Allen Productions […]