Laserscope 800 Series & Other Various Laser Information

Laserscope 800 Series Patrick Bishoff Spectra Physics
Laserscope 800 Series Information & Parts For Sale!
Informational Page By: Allen Analian
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After Months and Months of Searching for Information About These Laser's
Here is Finally A Compilation of Information About These Systems.
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Special Thanks To Samuel M. Goldwasser & Patrick Bishoff of Spectra Physics For Supportive Information
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Below Are Important Documents / Files / Images Related To Laserscopes & Other Lasers:
Laserscope 800 Series Service / Technicians Manual (pdf)
Laserscope ALE Power Supply Information Sheet (pdf)
Laserscope ALE Power Supply User / Tech Manual (Includes Schematics) (pdf)
All Laserscope Series Error Codes (pdf)
Crystal Technologies Model: 1027-25 Q-Switch Spec Sheet (pdf)
ALE Power Supply Controller Redrawn - By: Spanky Lee (img)
Hand Drawn ALE Power Supply Controller By: "Some Cool Guy" - I Dont Know Who! (img)
KTP Heater Pinouts For (Newer) 800 Series Laserscopes, And Connections To Oven Industries Controller- By: Allen A (img)
Laserscope 600 Series Dye Laser Service Manual (pdf)
Laserscope 600 Series Dye Laser Service Manual OCR Version (Searchable) (pdf)
Laserscope Patent For 700 / 800 Series (pdf)
Melles Griot 58 GSD Series Pinouts (pdf)
Spectra Physics 164 165 168 Full Operator / Service Manual (pdf)

Laser Equipment / Parts For Sale: Price:
KTP w/Oven $2299.99 + Shipping
Flash Lamp 800 Series $299.99 + Shipping
Deionizing DI Filter (Original Replacement For 800/700 Series) $49.99 + Shipping
ALE Power Supply $899.99 + Shipping
KTP Heater Driver (Oven Industries) $89.99 + Shipping
Non-Working Original 800 Series Control Board Parts $2 + Just Shipping, Pick-a-Part, If We Have Them!

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Informational Page By: Allen Analian [allen (at)]

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